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XXII Christmas day in the little house was a real celebration. It was the first one in the Jocelyns’ married life, and the entire household entered into the spirit of Yuletide with enthusiasm. At Bambi’s suggestion, they hid the presents all over the house. The subsequent search and discovery were carried on with much laughter […]


XVI There was a faint idea in Jarvis’s mind, as he staggered out of the all-night lunch, of swimming after the Mauretania to overtake the Parkes. Then his wandering senses collected themselves. He realized that the vessel did not sail until eleven, or thereabouts; that there were still several hours before that. He hurried back […]


VIII After Jarvis had departed on his conquering way Bambi turned her attention to herself. She made a most careful toilette. When she was hatted, and veiled, and gloved, she tripped up and down before her mirror, trying herself out, as it were. She made several entrances into editorial sanctums. Once she entered haltingly, drawn […]


BAMBI by Marjorie Benton Cooke I “Professor James Parkhurst, I consider you a colossal failure as an educator,” said Francesca, his daughter, known to friend and family as Bambina, or Bambi for short. Professor Parkhurst lifted a startled face from his newspaper and surveyed his only child across the breakfast table. “My dear, what causes […]


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